Mission Statement:

Pay4ward, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, reintegrates combat vets into society through sailing.  Day sailing in an open boat requires teamwork and communication.  It involves shared physical activities and develops camaraderie for the vets involved.

Vision Statement: 

As a Vietnam combat veteran, I was guarded about any involvement with the VA.  In 2006 I began my journey with the VA to finally recognize my PTSD after 40 years.  I began to realize it was OK to talk about Vietnam.  I was fortunate enough to experience two different sailing ventures with young combat vets and realized what a positive impact it had on all of us. I envision that my passion for sailing will be beneficial to other combat vets in finding a purpose in their lives.


Ray Hayes is a Vietnam Combat Vet whose passion for sailing led him to the realization that an ongoing , open and positive communication can evolve from spending an afternoon sailing.

Let’s begin the long journey home.  Learning to feel part of a family, a life and a community.  Finding a purpose.